About Flow Life ATX and the creator

Megan J. Rutherford is truth-seeking, passionately curious, inquisitive scientist, by nature. Her search for a deeper meaning has led her through the front doors of several industries, continents, and schools of academia.

Megan is an Austin, TX-based 500 hour RYT (Register Yoga Teacher) with the Yoga Alliance. While working in the financial industry from age 18, she obtained a degree in Biology from the University of Texas, where she focused her studies on Epigenetics, Genetics, and Microbiology.  After 10 years of practicing Yoga, it became clear that teaching Yoga is the ideal medium to share vitality and wellness with others. She left her career pursuits in Biotechnology in 2014 to fulfill this deeper calling.

Currently, she incorporates thru-hiking, cycling, and running with her Yoga lifestyle and has practiced multiple styles of Yoga for 16 years including Vinyasa, Power, Bikram, Mindfulness, Iyengar, Bhakti, Yin, Kriya and Meditation.  Megan serves others with passion and teaches Mindful, Hatha Flow Yoga that focuses on full mind-body-spirit integration and alignment.

While thru-hiking the 500 mile Colorado Trail in 2016, she felt herself being called to serve in a surprising capacity that would bring her journey full circle.  After teaching full-time for 2 years, Megan recognized an opening to bring financial health to Austin and the Yoga community.  She began teaching Financial Flow workshops to assist others in creating awareness and presence in their financial life.  Now Megan has a full-time financial planning practice while also teaching Yoga at the only non-profit studio in Austin, Sanctuary Yoga. Proceeds from Sanctuary Yoga classes benefit the Amala Foundation’s youth programs serving refugee, immigrant, and at-risk youth.

Megan hopes to inspire others to choose a life that they are excited about living.  She created the website flowlifeatx.com as an avenue to share her knowledge about Yoga, Financial Health, Science, and her personal journey.


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